Four Steps To Easily Decorate Your Home

No matter if you recently moved, if you are planning an upcoming room, or if you are starting your home decorations from scratch, decorating a home that you love can be very challenging. I am obsessed with all things related to home decor and today, I wanted to talk about steps to easily decorate a home. I had a lot of fun writing this and I really hope it helps some of you! If you have additional tips to add on once reading through, please let me know!

1. When it comes to decorating a new home (or an old home), it all starts with defining the feel that you want in your home. How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? Do you want things to feel colorful and energetic, then bring in pops of your favorite colors? Do you want to feel relaxing and cozy? Then bring in blues, greens, or warm textures. Discover the feeling that you desire first and then go from there!

2. Use what you have. Bring your existing pieces into your home and find places where they will work. Decide if they play nicely with the feeling you want. Or not. Some pieces may fill a space for a time while you save the money to replace them. A specific table may have suited your old home perfectly, but it doesn’t have a perfect place in the new home. Feel free to sell it and wait until the next perfect piece comes along! If you are moving your things, you might feel as if moving decor is too tricky. There are a lot of fragile pieces that can break easily and you just aren’t sure exactly where they are going to go in your new house. Time to toss them, right? I say no! Bring everything along, unless you know that you definitely do not want the item at your new home. 

To make it easier on you, hire a moving company to ensure that your home decor items (especially fragile pieces) make it safely to your new house. A company such as All in One Moving & Storage, Inc. can help you with this. They are based out of New Jersey and can help with packing, transporting items, auto transport, and more. They are even NJ last minute movers! Seriously – they can handle your decor, fragile pieces, large furniture, and everything in between. 

They say, “Our business was founded with a goal of becoming a moving company people can fully trust. Our expert movers are committed to the satisfaction of our customers, looking not only to satisfy but to exceed your needs. We understand that each move is unique and hence demands a unique combination of services. Therefore, we work with you from the very beginning, doing everything to ensure a completely stress-free moving process. Giving you the freedom to focus on your relocation and enjoy the move, rather than deal with the headaches that come with moving. From the first to the last box we pack and unpack, our movers are doing everything to make sure you have a successful move.”

3. Take your time. Don’t feel like you have to have everything set up at once! It takes a lot of money to furnish and custom a new home to your liking. Even if you have lived in your home for 5 or more years and there are still spaces that you haven’t touched, that is okay! Live in your home for a while and do a little at a time.

4. Personalize with paint. A lot of the time, you will notice that most homes are painted in the same color all throughout. Boring!!! Now, it’s your option to repaint them according to your taste. You can either choose to repaint each room or any part of the house that you think needs a change in color or style. Infuse your own style. If you want, you can get extra creative by trying out some more innovative interior painting ideas, like color blocking, stenciling, and sponging. It’s your time to experiment with different colors unless you don’t want to change a bit from its original color. However, there’s no better way to personalize your home but to change its wall paint according to your taste. You can start by preparing your wall for painting like spotting dark prime colors, filling up nail holes and smoothing rough areas. You may not be a designer, but with extra effort, patience, and creativeness, you can successfully do your do-it-yourself house decoration in your style without spending too much money. Choosing to paint your rooms is a fantastic way to spruce your home up and decorate without spending a ton on new furniture and decor items. So easy, pretty fast, and it totally changes a home!

There are many ways to easily decorate a home, but these are a few tips when starting out!

*This is a sponsored post by Alex Berger [The Berger Bungalow]

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