Building a dream deck

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When it comes to building a deck, it’s one thing many families are doing more and more to enjoy the outdoors and have a more exciting and inviting living space. With so many of us staying home, it’s now more appealing than ever. However, there are some major considerations to make when it comes to building a deck and you want to make sure that you have all the right ideas to make your dream a reality. Let’s take a look at how to create your dream deck. 

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot 

  1. Begin A Vision Board: These are some of my favorite things to do and super simple now that we have technology on our side. I used to create vision boards using old magazines and cut out the pieces I love for their color, shape, or design. I do the same now on Pinterest, a visual board that allows me to see other great deck ideas in creating our dream deck. Some ideas can be how to decorate, color ideas, materials, and what makes the most sense for a growing family. I love the deck area to be functional with an area to eat, an area to sit by a fire, or an area to lounge around and chat. These ideas are all then sorted together in a vision board that I can keep adding or taking away from as the years continue. 
  1. Be Aware of Materials: there are many materials out there when it comes to building a deck then you might be aware of. If you are more of a traditional person who like to see the wood, you might want to consider looking into pressure treated cedar or redwood as these are more of a classic look. Many are moving away from wood and looking into vinyl decks or composite decking is another option. There are best solutions for someone who are wanting little maintenance requirements that comes with using old fashion wood. Think of who will be using the deck, including your family members, neighbors, family members, and any animals you have to help you make a proper decision. 

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot 

  1. Hire A Professional: If you are unsure about attempting to build a deck yourself, hiring a professional not only can save you frustration but also time doing it correctly the right way ( and on the first try ). Looking for quality professional deck construction workers might take time because you want to find ones who are helpful, insured, and worth your investment. Brazilian Wood Depot comes highly recommended by many homeowners throughout the United States. They offer hardwood from Brazil which is unlike other companies who manufacture within our borders. These particular hardwoods such as Massaranduba or Ipe come treated so you don’t need to worry about any finishing or painting which makes it so much easier on you! If you prefer to keep your deck from graying, you can apply a finish periodically and they recommend using a particular type of deck oil for your wood. As far as installing goes, these professionals are there to help recommend what types of screws to use as well as give you their advice because of their experience, knowledge over the last decade. 
  1. Look Into Adding Levels: Just how you would separate spaces in the inside of your home do the same for your deck as well. Consider adding a few different levels to allow your guests to group in various areas which makes for a cozy setting and a more intimate space for relaxing for everyone. Levels also break up some of the long flights of steps that you also see on some other decks but having these designated areas can also give people the space they want without becoming overcrowding on one long patio area.
  1. Add Your Personal Touch: Of course, adding your personal touch to your space makes it more you and what you want to see. A dream deck to you might look different to someone else and that’s the point! You get to design and dream of what makes you feel good. If you love adding a spacious area with a small garden, lots of plants both on the ground and hanging, a big cozy couch, and a fireplace then go ahead and make it happen. Perhaps you love to entertain and you love the idea of adding various seating with plush pillows, long string lights, and a table that can seat 20. Whatever your choice, it’ll be incredible because you get to make it how you see fit. 

Being outdoors is so important for our overall health. It rejuvenates our bodies and helps us to clear our minds. My husband and I enjoy our backyard already and we’re so excited to start building our dream deck this year!

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